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MACCT Professional Concentration Checklist

Effective Fall 2015 and after.

This program of study is for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in accounting, and wish to enter accounting as a certified professional. Students who have earned an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than accounting are eligible to apply to this program.

The Professional Concentration is a 33-39 hour program of study depending on whether the student has completed two introductory courses prior to admission:

  1. An introductory financial accounting course - MGMT 502 at the Anderson School
  2. An introductory managerial accounting course - MGMT 503 at the Anderson School

Students not completing the introductory courses at Anderson should email about other coursework that will fulfill the pre-requisite requirements prior to taking any courses. The six hours of introductory coursework are not included in the 33 hours of coursework required to complete the program.

The following courses are required to complete the 33 hours of coursework. The Dept. of Accounting will usually offer the courses in the semester noted.

The Professional Concentration accepts applications for fall or spring admission. How- ever, the Professional Concentration primarily admits students at the beginning of fall semester because of course scheduling. If you are applying for admission to the Professional Concentration in the spring, please email prior to submission of your application to determine if you meet the course requirements necessary for spring admission.

  1. Students must complete either MGMT 550 or MGMT 554. MGMT 550 is usually offered in the fall semester and MGMT 554 is usually offered in the spring semester. Students must take either MGMT 550 or 554 (not both courses) to fulfill the program requirements.
  2. Students must complete either MGMT 640 or MGMT 643. MGMT 643 (Governmental Accounting) is only offered online in the summer semester. MGMT 640 is usually offered in the fall semester. Students must take either MGMT 640 or 643 (not both courses) to fulfill the program requirements.
  3. If you have completed MGMT 326 or MGMT 526 at Anderson, you should not take MGMT 626. You must visit with the accounting faculty advisor about which graduate course to take instead of MGMT 626.
MGMT 540Financial Accounting IFall or Spring
MGMT 541Financial Accounting IIFall or Spring
MGMT 542Seminar in Personal Tax PlanningFall or Spring
MGMT 543Seminar in Business Tax PlanningFall
MGMT 544Assurance Services (Auditing)Spring
MGMT 546Financial Accounting IIIFall or Spring
MGMT 549Accounting Information and Control SystemsFall
MGMT 5501Professional Accounting (see note 1)Fall
MGMT 5541Writing for Accountants (see note 1)Spring
MGMT 559Law for AccountantsSpring or Summer (online)
MGMT 6263Financial Management for Accountants (See note 3)Spring (online)
MGMT 6402Accounting for Not for Profit Organizations (See note 2)Fall (online)
MGMT 6432Governmental Accounting (See note 2)Summer (online)


The GMAT/GRE is waived for MACCT Tax or Advanced Concentration students who have an undergraduate major in accounting from an AACSB-accredited school with a minimum of a 3.25 GPA in both upper-division classes and accounting classes. (MBA students must fulfill MBA GMAT/GRE waiver requirements.)

Concentration Advisor